Beauty Decoded

A an elegant display stand with sampling products for Juvederm

Using educational ‘live lab’ experiences to change consumer perceptions.

Managers Unite

A large event room with a stage, large round tables with white table cloth and chairs set up for a meal

Inspiring culture-building and meaningful connections with brands.

Inspiring Voters

Jagmeet Singh and sign language interpreter communicating virtually.

Transforming a highly successful live event into an engaging virtual event.

Accessible Events: In-Person Accessibility

Accessibility Week - Impact of Online Accessibility on Live Events

Accessible Events: In-Person Accessibility Proof ExperiencesJune 9, 2022 There is no going back, only forwards! In part two, Lola Bendana, Director at Multi-Languages Corporation, describes how the pandemic was a game changer for accessibility, motivating suppliers to further cater their services for accessible users. As we move back to in-person, we must continue to provide […]

Returning to Live & What We Know So Far

Two women sitting at a table with coffee cups

Returning to Live & What We Know So Far Kelly PowerMay 12, 2022 As we get into the thick of planning for live conferences & events, it is obvious that what attendees want to experience at these events has shifted dramatically in just a few short years. Here are some of our key takeaways so […]

7 Tips for Taming the Tiger in 2022

A golden tiger statue sitting on a red table with gold Chinese New year coins

7 Tips for Taming the Tiger in 2022 Mary Beth DenomyFebruary 1, 2022 Today, February 1, 2022, kicks off the Year of the Tiger. Like the ferocious feline, top talent and the best leaders are known for their strength, speed, power, courage and energy – all attributes that will serve those in business and events […]

Making security & privacy a top priority for your virtual events

pixelated laptop screen

Making security & privacy a top priority for your virtual events Bibianna PoonMay 7, 2021 With virtual conferences & hybrid events here to stay, it is imperative that attendee and stakeholder data is secure and protected from breaches. There are two main components to a virtual event that require security analysis and investigation: the virtual […]

Planning a virtual post-secondary event or Homecoming?

A person standing outside dressed in a graduation cap and gown

Planning a virtual post-secondary event or Homecoming? Mary Beth DenomyApril 26, 2021 Living Proof “You’ve managed to convince me I am at a party. Well done!” 4 Tips for Successful School Events Events are an essential tool for post-secondary institutions to drive fundraising, enrollment & applications and alumni relations. In 2020, with the shift to […]

Getting Hybrid Events Right

two men and two women at a P Vx Live virtual event

Getting Hybrid Events Right Mary Beth DenomyFebruary 1, 2021 The latest in P.Vx virtual event series explores the future of hybrid events Hybrid events “are the way of the future” said Kelly Power, SVP Proof Experiences, who hosted “Getting Hybrid Events Right” – the first virtual session of 2021 in the ongoing Proof Experiences P.Vx […]