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Create a bold event that moves customers down the purchase funnel.

An event experience that addresses real questions and debunks myths around the product category.
An educational ‘live lab’ experience featuring a live injection.

Increase consultation bookings by 35%.


Overcoming the Challenge

Knowing that many potential customers get stuck at the consideration phase when it comes to facial fillers, Juvéderm was looking for a big idea to move customers down the path to purchase. This would require much more than a simple launch event because it was key that we really understood and addressed what would motivate women to purchase.
A group of women wearing red blazers speaking to guests at a Juvederm display stand


A Unique Way of Approaching The Problem

We developed a measurement framework to better understand Canadian women’s concerns about facial fillers and what it would take to overcome them. This data helped us design an event experience that would address their questions and debunk myths around the product category.
A group of women at an activation event for Juvederm


The Proof Touch

The event, called Beauty Decoded Live, featured a ‘live lab’ which allowed potential customers to see, touch and feel the injectable solution on their hands. We included private consultation areas for mini appointments with well-known dermatologists and kiosks that used technology to show the power of the product by augmenting a selfie photo. Hosted by The Social’s Lainey Lui, the event also featured a live injection led by renowned specialist, Dr. Mauricio de Maio. During the live demonstration, there were audible gasps from the audience as they witnessed Juvéderm’s instant, natural-looking results.


Project Impact

By measuring perception with a pre-event questionnaire, tracking activity on-site using RFID bracelets and conducting a survey post-event, we were able to reduce the most common barriers to trial and drive consultation bookings up double digits. Our learnings from the event were applied to develop social, editorial and influencer content to amplify messaging across Canada throughout the remainder of the year.


increased consultation bookings

This project was no small feat.

Our team provided the following services:

  • Event Design & Ideation
  • Event Production
  • Venue & Partner Management
  • Registration Website & Onsite Services
  • VIP Management & Security
  • Creative Services
  • Production & Development
  • Brand Ambassador Recruiting & Training
  • Measurement & Analytics

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