Eras Tour Climate Impact

Eras Tour Climate Impact

Eras Tour Climate Impact Kelly PowerJanuary 8, 2024 The largest event phenomenon of 2023 was undoubtedly Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.  It’s been widely publicized for its massive economic domino effect – dubbed “Taylor-nomics” – resulting in an enormous boost to the local economy wherever the tour goes.  Taylor was named Time magazine’s person of the […]

An Event Professional’s Thoughts on COP28


An Event Professional’s Thoughts on COP28 Kelly PowerDecember 14, 2023 COP28 wrapped earlier this week. It is the annual formal meeting of the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (UNCCC) to negotiate and agree on collective action to tackle global climate change.  This year was the largest of its kind.  Ever. The 2023 gathering hosted almost 200 […]

What is Experiential Education?

An educator teaching a group of students.

Experiential Education Lorne CooperbergOctober 6, 2023 Over the last few years, Proof Experiences has recognized a growing need to share complex topics in a meaningful yet straightforward way to the Canadian public. This led us to launch a new formal offering: Experiential Education (or, XED). Simply put, XED is learning by doing.  When done well, […]