Eras Tour Climate Impact

Eras Tour Climate Impact

The largest event phenomenon of 2023 was undoubtedly Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.  It’s been widely publicized for its massive economic domino effect dubbed “Taylor-nomics” – resulting in an enormous boost to the local economy wherever the tour goes.  Taylor was named Time magazine’s person of the year for 2023 and one of People magazine’s most intriguing people. She also earned the dubious title of top celebrity CO2 polluter by the Daily Mail. Is that fair?  Well let’s break it down.

The environmental impact of Taylor (and her tours) is wide reaching – not only from the private jet flights and air travel required for her and her team but also from the impact of fans purchasing air travel, buying fast fashion for concert outfits, swag, and merch, takeout food and the list goes on. 

Would we suggest there be no tour? NO WAY.  In addition to the economic boost to local economies, Taylor and her music has brought so much joy to her legions of Swiftie fans. Especially at a time when hope, inspiration, and happiness are greatly needed.  So, what can be done to improve the environmental impact of these tours?

Importantly, Taylor Swift should use the power of her name, her brand, and her concert events (just like any major brand or organization) to create awareness and drive long-term behavior change.  She absolutely has that level of influence. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • At minimum, offset all travel costs for tour travel (I believe she does this!).  But offsetting alone isn’t a get out of jail free card.  It will take over a decade and thousands of trees planted to offset Taylors private jet travel – let alone that of her entire team traveling across 5 continents doing hundreds of shows a year.
  • Assert your power:
    • Work with airlines for Taylor specific flights where fans can purchase their tickets and the GHG emissions are offset by her profits.
    • Work with host cities and local transportation services so when fans show their concert ticket they ride transit for free
    • Work with stadium venues to bring in local vegetarian food options (Taylor’s choice meal) and use local businesses to create merch (reducing shipping of merch from large manufacturers overseas)
    • Negotiate with stadium venues that hold the highest energy efficiency status (LEED certified) and ask what action they are willing to take above and beyond?  Ask stadium venues to report energy use from the concert to offset and reduce. 
  • Sell Taylor beads for friendship bracelets made of recycled plastic from the ocean (stole this idea from someone else!)
  • Offer special seating for local climate action groups – and bring them on stage for a fun and experiential concert moment. Inspiring 100,000’s of fans to embrace the importance of climate action.
  • Use the stage as an opportunity to tell the climate action story – if fans see that Taylor Swift is taking action with her tour (no easy feat) they may hopefully follow her lead.
  • Only work with sponsors who have a strong climate action policy – and tell your fans about it. Walk the talk.
  • Write an anthem for climate change.  

Events are influential for both attendees and partners – they have the potential to create positive behavior change and impact corporate interest.  And let’s be honest, positive climate action will never go out of style. 😉

Taylor, if you want to add to your amazing events team don’t hesitate to get in touch!  

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