The Context

TransLink was leading the development of Transport 2050, a new regional transportation strategy to shape the future of transportation in Metro Vancouver for the next 30 years. Despite members of the public stepping up to share their voices on the subject, certain regions were still underrepresented. Proof Experiences’ mandate was to engage residents in these regions and encourage them to share their opinions.

The Solution

We started by deploying teams of Brand Ambassadors to strategically selected transportation hubs across the regions and engaging in conversation with commuters as they awaited trains and buses on their morning commute. Interested consumers were given a postcard which further explained Transport 2050 and provided a link to an online survey where they could learn more and share their voice on the future needs of their communities. Those who had time engaged in deeper, more meaningful conversations with the team of Brand Ambassadors while others in a rush were able to grab a card to read during their commute. Over 2,500 geo-targeted residents participated in the survey, balancing and aiding in the validation of the survey’s sample size and ensuring residents from all over Metro Vancouver were heard during the initial phase of planning.

Services Provided

  • Surveyors
  • Team Leads