Sanofi Pasteur

The Context

Together with Proof Inc., Proof Experiences was tasked by Sanofi Pasteur to create a compelling and newsworthy campaign on National Senior’s Day in Toronto. The goal was to demonstrate the terrible burden that seasonal flu can have on seniors and their caregivers and families. This campaign needed to capture the attention of key government officials and media with a goal of increasing the inclusion of the FLUZONE® High-Dose vaccine in provincial immunization programs for Canadians aged 65+.

The Solution

Since the impact of the flu on seniors has a domino impact on families, communities and healthcare systems, we recommended that Sanofi bring to life a domino-themed stunt. We produced a visually impactful live event featuring the domino stunt, which achieved a Guinness World Record. It included a compelling photo gallery about a senior who experienced the burden of flu. The gallery creatively featured 12,200 tissue boxes representing the number of hospitalizations due to influenza every year in Canada. The event had strong VIP attendance, including keynote speeches from Mayor John Tory and the Minister of Health, Hon. Christine Elliott, with 13 patient stakeholder organizations in attendance. We successfully garnered 41 media hits, nine media outlets on site, 14 interviews and over 13 million media impressions.

Services Provided

  • Experiential Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Creative Services
  • Production & Creative Development