Nestlé Hybrid Employee Event

Live conference & virtual VIP experience

The Context

Nestlé Canada hosts an annual one-day all-employee conference in January. The goal: educate, inspire and motivate staff. This hybrid event brings together 500+ in-person attendees and 400+ that tune in remotely from across Canada. Our challenge: create an event that equally engages both the virtual and the live audiences.

The Hybrid Engagement Solution

Our virtual strategy was to engage and excite the attendee well before the event, during the event and, after it was wrapped. Virtual attendance was a VIP experience, not an after-thought!

For example, to generate interest in advance, we sent packages by courier to all remote individual attendees. In addition to receiving an exciting basket of new Nestlé products, we asked for input on the conference content: what do you want to see at the upcoming meeting?

Added resources were allocated for a high-quality production including multicamera views and entertaining videos. Interactive content included live Q&A, exclusive “behind the scenes” interviews, social sharing, contests and real-time polling.

Curated and edited content was made available post-event for reference going forward and to share with anyone who may have missed the annual kick-off event.

Services Provided

  • Theme Development 
  • Content Development  
  • Speaker & MC Scripting  
  • Event Production 
  • Stage & Lighting Design 
  • AV Partner Management 
  • Creative Services 
  • Live Event Production Management Services   
  • Virtual audience engagement