The Context

Kijiji has become a very well-known Canadian brand but in 2015, they wanted to build awareness and trial with the South Asian community in the GTA while challenging their misconceptions about used items. The Kijiji Tour was developed with the objective of reaching this target audience through insights gleaned from various research platforms. Kijiji needed a partner who could effectively connect and communicate with them in their language and with an understanding of their culture.

The Solution

We strategically built and trained a diverse and family-friendly Brand Ambassador team who spoke a variety of South Asian languages. To determine the most relevant festivals and neighbourhoods in the GTA , we relied on our experiential team’s expertise, our consumer information and the Environics Analytics Prizm5 database to point us in the right direction. Our Brand Ambassadors travelled across the GTA to ethnic festivals and connected with our target market through thoughtful key messaging and interactions in their native languages.

Services Provided

  • Specialized Brand Ambassadors
  • Team Leads
  • Training