Interac Collision Conference and Elevate Festival

The Context

Interac is a leader in the Canadian payments industry. In 2022, they are expanding their services beyond payments into digital identity with a B2B and B2G focus. While this is a new service category for Interac, they are building on a proven track record of innovation, trust and security.

To reach new audiences, and showcase citizenship and new product Innovations, Interac sponsored two of the leading financial and tech events In Canada: Collision Conference and Elevate Festival. They engaged Proof Experiences to create meaningful ways to engage with government, partners, potential clients, tech, and finance executives at each of these unique events.

The Solution

Collision Conference: Interac was the title sponsor of the Executive Lounge, an exclusive space for c-level and executives of major FinTech and other organizations. Proof Experiences worked closely with Collision conference to brand the lounge, creating an elevated, exclusive feel. The lounge offered custom Food and Beverage options for attendees, including baristas and themed drinks. We hosted a cocktail hour that provided the perfect backdrop for hosting and networking.

Within the lounge, we created an interactive wall that helped to educate attendees on the future of Digital ID within Canada, including frequently asked questions and answers.

We worked with leading edge tap to donate technology, creating a donation impact wall raising funds for The Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. The wall encouraged attendees to tap to donate, which lit up a Ukrainian flag for every donation. As a result, Interac raised over $51,000 for the cause.

At Elevate Festival, Interac was the title sponsor of the NFT Gallery. Within the gallery, Interac curated an exhibit filled with womxn creators from diverse backgrounds. With a focus on ensuring that tech is both inclusive, and accessible to all Canadians, Proof Experiences partnered with The Remix Project and artist Micah Domingo, to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art within the gallery. All attendees were encouraged to add to the art using touch technology, co-creating a piece that represents what an inclusive digital economy looks like.

As always, there was a focus on corporate citizenship, and the gallery included tap to donate terminals, all raising funds for Prosper Canada. Throughout the event, we raised $50,440.

Services Offered:

  • Strategic planning and ideation
  • Venue & Partner management
  • Strategic sponsorship oversight
  • Turnkey Event Management
  • Creative development and asset design
  • Turnkey tap to pay technology partnership
  • Staffing and recruiting brand ambassadors