Human Trafficking

The Context

Human trafficking is not what it seems. Human trafficking is a serious issue in Canada, perpetrators rely on a lack of awareness and understanding to prey on their victims, forcing them into activities related to sex, labour and other forms of exploitation. Public Safety and Banfield Agency looked to Proof Experiences to develop an interactive experience to bring the data to life and change Canadians’ perception of what human trafficking is, who it affects and the signs to look out for.

The Solution

Proof Experiences in partnership with Banfield Agency, developed an immersive experience that came to life in the form of a travelling educational exhibit where event attendees could learn more about human trafficking. To ensure this complex information was retained by visitors, we developed a series of interactive stations guided by our team of Ambassadors. Through each station visitors learned about the potential warning signs, who human trafficking affects, how to help those at risk, and the opportunity to read a firsthand account from a survivor.

The travelling exhibit went on a national six-week tour, activating in five provinces / six cities, for 17 days. To reach the target audience of young adults and caregivers where they spend their time in the summer months, we took our exhibit to amusement parks and malls.

Results: Our travelling exhibit garnered over 1.2 MM impressions. Trained Ambassadors interacted with over 33,000 Canadians and had meaningful conversations with over 5,000 of them – with an average dwell time of over 7 minutes. 96% of visitors confirmed they had a better understanding of human trafficking following their experience with us and 98% of visitors gave the overall activation experience a 4–5-star rating.

Services Provided

  • Experiential Ideation & Execution
  • Production & Development
  • Brand Ambassador Recruiting & Training
  • Venue & Partner Management
  • Reporting, Measurement & Analytics
  • On-site Management
  • Tour Planning