Health Canada

The Context

With the increase in problematic opioid use in Canada, Health Canada looked to Proof Experiences to develop a national experiential marketing program aimed at youth, their parents and influential adults (teachers, etc.) to generate awareness and engage in conversations about the risks of abuse and misuse of opioids.


The Solution

To ensure our approach would resonate, our team started by developing and testing three strategic campaign concepts with teens, looking closely at attitudinal, emotional and behavioural scores. As a result of the testing, the KNOW MORE tour was developed with a focus on providing straight facts and figures and allowing teens to make their own educated decisions. The KNOW MORE tour visited high schools, events and summer festivals nationally with a variety of interactive activities catering to all learning methods. Activities focused on educating on topics including fentanyl, opioids, stigma, overdose awareness and the Good Samaritan Law.

To drive further awareness, a fully integrated influencer campaign was developed with both teen and parent influencers. A national outreach program sent materials to high schools, communities and festivals not reached by the tour, and a website was developed to allow remote communities to facilitate their own version of the tour. To date, the tour has reached over 20,000,000 Canadians in 532 communities.

The KNOW MORE campaign contributed to Health Canada’s Opioid Response Team winning The Lighthouse Award of Communications Excellence, which recognizes the leadership, vision and insight which led to the success of the initiative with major impact.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Development & Concept Testing
  • Experiential Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Creative Services & Website Development
  • Production & Creative Development
  • Staffing Solutions Recruiting & Training
  • Measurement & Analytics
  • Influencer Campaign

“I appreciate that your messages aren’t focused around ‘don’t do drugs’ as students don’t take that seriously and are much more likely to actually absorb the messaging this way”

- Teacher, Lakeshore Collegiate