Health Canada Virtual Classroom

Educating students across Canada about the consequences of vaping

The Context

The onset of COVID-19 resulted in the cancellation of all in-person, hands-on experiential campaigns for the foreseeable future, including Health Canada’s Consider the Consequences vaping awareness program. This program was reaching and educating teenagers about vaping at high schools nationally and remained a priority despite the pandemic. 

Our Virtual Engagement Solution

Wworked with Health Canada to reposition existing content to resonate within a virtual classroom settingVirtual learning was still a relatively new (and overwhelming) concept for many teachersso we knew we needed a turnkey solution which was interactive and engaging to ensure we were adding value to both the teacher and the students without added stress 

Teachers invited us into their virtual classrooms, where whad a relatable brand ambassador deliver the learning experience with each class, which incorporated a variety of audience engagement tools including interactive activities, videos, real-time student quizzes and the ability to submit questions anonymously – which was key to ensuring students felt comfortable and confident asking any question they had about vaping.  

Results:The goal of this program was to pilot the virtual approach this school year. The pilot allowed our team to gather teacher and student feedback and key learnings to evolve the program for the ‘20/’21 school year. In a two-week period, we engaged with 26 classrooms and 235 students, achieving a feedback rating of 4.3/5. Consistently, teachers and students provided positive feedback on the interactive and engaging approach, with praise for providing a different experience from their regular classroom setting. 


  • Turnkey event & technology management​ 
  • Source & secure virtual platform(s) 
  • Content development 
  • Audience engagement tactics 
  • Production & creative development 
  • Staffing solutions, recruiting training 
  • Measurement & analytics