Enbridge Gas

The Context

Enbridge Gas wanted to stop consumers in their tracks at trade shows and communicate all the great programs they offered for saving money and improving energy efficiency.

The Solution

Introducing… Granny’s House, an interactive home energy conservation booth that’s more than just wood panelling, plastic on the couch and vintage wallpaper. It also has outdated and inefficient home features that demonstrate that not all oldies are goodies, especially when it comes to home comfort and energy savings.

Granny’s House has toured Southern, Central and Eastern Ontario for 50+ days, visiting numerous communities and engaging with over 52,000 customers. On average, consumers were engaged for over three minutes while Brand Ambassadors delivered key messaging about the Enbridge Gas Residential Rebates and Incentive Programs. To date, we’ve had hundreds of program sign-ups and thousands of qualified leads.

Services Provided

  • Tour Planning & Logistics
  • Brand Ambassador Recruiting & Training
  • Reporting, Measurement & Analytics
  • Venue & Partner Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Consumer Education

“I actually get a ton of phone calls from people I don't know talking about these kinds of programs. So it's really great that you are here in person giving out information. It feels much more legit when I can see in person and talk to someone about it face to face!” 

-Man, 40s

“I live in a row townhouse community, and I'm on the board of directors, and we're always looking for ways to improve the cost of energy for the homes. I would love to be able to bring back this information and get the word out in our newsletter and let the community know. We have tenants who have bought new furnaces and I know for certain they didn't even look for rebates! This is definitely worth doing.”

-Man , 50s