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BMO Urban Picnic

The Context

To drive awareness of the 2014 & 2015 summer payments campaign and connect back with the local community, the Bank of Montreal engaged the Proof Experiences event team to develop a unique, high-profile, high-impact event Making the BMOst of Your Summer.

The Solution

Our concept – The Urban Picnic – transformed a concrete space in downtown Toronto into a green picnic oasis.  To connect with the community and bring the concept of the summer campaign to life, thousands of consumers were invited to join in the free BBQ complete with ice cream cones, and ferris wheel rides.  Digital and video integration, as well as social media support, amplified impressions with live #BMOUrbanPicnic Twitter feeds displayed on billboard screens surrounding the Square.  The event team at Proof Experiences managed multiple stakeholders and sponsors, ensuring maximum impact for all.  Following the inaugural success, the event was expanded to Montreal.

Services Provided

  • Large Scale Events
  • Event Production
  • Digital & Video Integration
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Creative Services