BC Hydro

The Context

With their mandate to help customers save money and energy, BC hydro provides incentives to residential customers in return for making energy-efficient purchases. To drive awareness for this initiative a COVID-friendly in-store & online customer experience was developed.

The Solution

Hearing from their target audience that purchasing light bulbs can be seen as a “chore” and confusing, BC Hydro turned to Proof to develop a guided experience to address consumer sentiment. A digital quiz led customers through a series of questions to identify their “perfect lighting match”. To encourage participation, upon competition of the quiz, customers were entered into a contest for a $1,000 prize pack. The contest was promoted online and in-store via QR codes. To complement and bring the digital experience to life in select retail locations, a foot-activated lightbox was installed where the customer could determine their “perfect lighting match” on-site.

Over 30 days, 21,000 BC residents entered the quiz resulting in an 84% completion rate and delivering 9,000 new email subscription opt-ins.


Services Provided

  • Consumer Education & Engagement Strategy
  • Experiential Campaign Development
  • Production Development & Installation
  • Venue Management
  • Event Logistics
  • Digital & Creative
  • Supplier Sourcing & Management