New Year = New Optimism (Yes Optimism!)

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New Year = New Optimism (Yes Optimism!) Mary Beth DenomyJanuary 26, 2022 New Year = New Optimism (Yes Optimism!) for Live & Virtual Events Covid complicated almost everyone’s holiday plans, however we are looking forward to the year ahead. Dare we say, even optimistic?! We can already see exciting emerging trends for 2022. Whether you […]

New World, New Skills

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New World, New Skills Bibianna PoonMay 26, 2020 At a recent all-staff meeting, our team got a virtual training session from Keystone Communications expert, Giles Atkinson. We were told to bring our ‘best presentation’ selves while we sipped our beverage of choice and shared best practices on presenting in this new world we’ve been thrown […]