Returning to Live & What We Know So Far

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As we get into the thick of planning for live conferences & events, it is obvious that what attendees want to experience at these events has shifted dramatically in just a few short years. Here are some of our key takeaways so far:

Kickstart your event with meaningful networking & opportunities to connect.

It has been a while, so be sure to give attendees additional opportunities and time to say hello face-to-face, catch up with one another and settle back into the feeling of a live event. Don’t rush it.

Shake up your content.

Avoid long stretches of sitting and listening as a passive attendee. Those days are gone. Host interactive presentations with two-way communication, breakout groups, and workshops. Attendees are now expecting to shape content at events.

Maximize the space.

Returning to a live event offers a wonderful opportunity to get creative with your staging, lighting, décor, and room set up. Try to be bold, creative & unexpected – it’s part of what captures attendees’ attention. Excite the senses – otherwise they may as well stay home and watch online.

Integrate Technology.

The attendee experience evolved in the virtual setting and attendees were able to pick how they wanted to consume content. Ask yourself how you can offer flexibility that empowers your audience? Leverage event apps to keep guests engaged (i.e., polling, Q&A, and peer-to-peer information sharing); use technology to elevate content (i.e., holograms, digital signage, touchless control to name a few); and empower audiences with resources available on demand pre- or post-event.

Lead with sustainability.

Choose LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified venues, go paperless, choose local food, minimize waste and carbon offset any travel. That is just the start.

No bad coffee!

One of the top benefits of virtual events was being able to make your coffee just how you like it. No bad conference coffee. Ensure your coffee is excellent quality. Consider hiring a barista!

Just remember we are moving forward in time, not backwards. Events are evolving once again into something more exciting and much more engaging for attendees.

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Kelly Power

Senior Vice President, Client Experience


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