Sustainable Brand Experiences Checklist

Sustainable Brand Experiences Checklist Proof ExperiencesApril 16, 2024 GOOD PRACTICES ☐ Choose reusables ☐ Reduce air and auto travel where possible ☐ Offset GHG emissions from travel ☐ Choose eco-friendly venues ☐ Print on recycled / recyclable paper, vegetable-based ink. NO POLYSTYRENE 
 ☐ Go digital ☐ Reduce waste—reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, and donate ☐ […]

Accessible Events: In-Person Accessibility

Accessibility Week - Impact of Online Accessibility on Live Events

Accessible Events: In-Person Accessibility Proof ExperiencesJune 9, 2022 There is no going back, only forwards! In part two, Lola Bendana, Director at Multi-Languages Corporation, describes how the pandemic was a game changer for accessibility, motivating suppliers to further cater their services for accessible users. As we move back to in-person, we must continue to provide […]

Accessible Events: Design

Accessibility Week - Accessibility and Live Events

Accessible Events: Design Proof ExperiencesJune 8, 2022 What should you consider when designing your accessible event? Event planners must outline audience needs before designing staging, floor plans, and much more. In this video, Jeff Vanhaverbeke, Client Solutions Director at Encore, shares his expertise on accessible AV production, which every planner should take into account. Find […]

Accessible Events: Compliance

Accessibility Week - Virtual / Hybrid Accessibility

Accessible Events: Compliance Proof ExperiencesJune 7, 2022 When it comes to your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, planners must recognize and enforce accessibility standards to ensure all Ontarians can have an equally flawless experience. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) outlines guiding principles when developing, implementing and enforcing accessibility. […]

Accessible Events: Awareness and Education

Accessibility Week - Intro to Accessibility

Accessible Events: Awareness and Education Proof ExperiencesJune 2, 2022 Awareness and Education is the first step to providing equal services for all, including those who have accessibility needs. In this video, Lola Bendana, Director at Multi-Languages Corporation, discusses how we can become more educated on the topic and walks us through important facts surrounding accessibility […]