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  As the holiday season approaches, many marketers are thinking about whether or not to engage their target audience with a live or hybrid branded experience. It’s a big decision given the last year and half has shown us the difficulty in planning during uncertain times. However, there are some things we do know… 1. […]

  P.Vx Live Event Highlights Part of the Proof Experiences P.Vx Live series of informative and interactive events, “Live, Virtual, Hybrid! Planning the Future of Conferences” brought together top event experts to share what they are seeing now…and where they think we are going. Close to 300 attendees tuned in on July 13 to hear […]

  Thriving employee communities focus on an employee-first approach Last fall we shared an article on the power of virtual events to build community amongst employees. At the time most companies had been working from home (WFH) for 8+ months, and organizational leaders were working hard to engage & connect with remote employees in unique ways. Fifteen months later and many of our WFH strategies have become […]

  With virtual conferences & hybrid events here to stay, it is imperative that attendee and stakeholder data is secure and protected from breaches.   There are two main components to a virtual event that require security analysis and investigation: the virtual event platform and the streaming service.   Below is a list of questions and considerations when choosing a virtual event platform and streaming service partner:  Pre-Event  1. What security certifications […]

4 Tips for Successful School Events Events are an essential tool for post-secondary institutions to drive fundraising, enrollment & applications and alumni relations.  In 2020, with the shift to virtual learning, Proof Experiences helped several post-secondary schools create highly innovative & engaging virtual events and the results were phenomenal. “You’ve managed to convince me I […]

  Last week marked a year since the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the country and it’s still difficult to truly comprehend all that has changed in our lives. Aside from the enormous human loss, many businesses have been irreversibly impacted. The experiential marketing industry, for one, came to a grinding halt with programs cancelled or put on hold indefinitely. I never thought the Olympics would be cancelled. For […]

   The latest in P.Vx virtual event series explores the future of hybrid events Hybrid events “are the way of the future” said Kelly Power, SVP Proof Experiences, who hosted “Getting Hybrid Events Right” – the first virtual session of 2021 in the ongoing Proof Experiences P.Vx Live series. With a “transitional year ahead” she […]

Engaging Events that Deliver for Both the Virtual & In-Person Participant We all miss meeting people in-person at live conferences and events. But before we can get back to “normal” (is normal ever coming back? that’s another blog topic!), the immediate future of events is “hybrid”. Hybrid events are a combination of both online virtual […]

  From Sign Language to Closed Captioning – How to create an accessible – and exceptional – virtual event Organizations want to deliver events that reach as many people as possible and this year that means understanding how to bring accessibility to the virtual event world. In many cases, that may require accommodations to overcome […]

  On November 18th I was pleased to be part of a panel discussion with communications leaders that tackled the issue of engaging employees in a new work from home reality. Leveraging the results of a national survey, the panel dug into the challenges being faced, learnings from the past year, and tools, technologies and […]