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As we get into the thick of planning for live conferences & events, it is obvious that what attendees want to experience at these events has shifted dramatically in just a few short years. Here are some of our key takeaways so far: Kickstart your event with meaningful networking & opportunities to connect. It has […]

Hoping For the Best (& Planning for the Worst) As we head into spring and summer, many brands are busy preparing for a resurgence in live experiential marketing. News of live events returning continues to grow (i.e. CNE, TIFF, Osheaga), and demand & optimism are on the rise! The key to a successful live experience […]

Today, February 1, 2022, kicks off the Year of the Tiger. Like the ferocious feline, top talent and the best leaders are known for their strength, speed, power, courage and energy – all attributes that will serve those in business and events well in 2022. We chatted with top motivational speaker and business leadership coach […]

  In mid-September, a group of industry experts discussed The Return of Live Marketing – Why It’s Important and How to Approach It. Several important themes emerged during the discussion, including a unanimous agreement that the return of live marketing is critical to meet the demands of Canadian consumers. There is pent-up demand for live […]

  As the holiday season approaches, many marketers are thinking about whether or not to engage their target audience with a live or hybrid branded experience. It’s a big decision given the last year and half has shown us the difficulty in planning during uncertain times. However, there are some things we do know… 1. […]