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As we get into the thick of planning for live conferences & events, it is obvious that what attendees want to experience at these events has shifted dramatically in just a few short years. Here are some of our key takeaways so far: Kickstart your event with meaningful networking & opportunities to connect. It has […]

Hoping For the Best (& Planning for the Worst) As we head into spring and summer, many brands are busy preparing for a resurgence in live experiential marketing. News of live events returning continues to grow (i.e. CNE, TIFF, Osheaga), and demand & optimism are on the rise! The key to a successful live experience […]

Today, February 1, 2022, kicks off the Year of the Tiger. Like the ferocious feline, top talent and the best leaders are known for their strength, speed, power, courage and energy – all attributes that will serve those in business and events well in 2022. We chatted with top motivational speaker and business leadership coach […]

New Year = New Optimism (Yes Optimism!) for Live & Virtual Events Covid complicated almost everyone’s holiday plans, however we are looking forward to the year ahead. Dare we say, even optimistic?! We can already see exciting emerging trends for 2022. Whether you come from the corporate, non-profit, association or agency space, here are three […]

  This week, conference experts Kelly Power and Natalie Ciarallo spoke to CSAE (Canadian Society of Association Executives) members and shared best practices for 2022 Event Planning   Why are we talking about HYBRID events? ​ It’s the question and topic we hear most often as companies plan for the year ahead. ​We know virtual is here […]

  As the holiday season approaches, many marketers are thinking about whether or not to engage their target audience with a live or hybrid branded experience. It’s a big decision given the last year and half has shown us the difficulty in planning during uncertain times. However, there are some things we do know… 1. […]

  P.Vx Live Event Highlights Part of the Proof Experiences P.Vx Live series of informative and interactive events, “Live, Virtual, Hybrid! Planning the Future of Conferences” brought together top event experts to share what they are seeing now…and where they think we are going. Close to 300 attendees tuned in on July 13 to hear […]

  Last week marked a year since the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the country and it’s still difficult to truly comprehend all that has changed in our lives. Aside from the enormous human loss, many businesses have been irreversibly impacted. The experiential marketing industry, for one, came to a grinding halt with programs cancelled or put on hold indefinitely. I never thought the Olympics would be cancelled. For […]

   The latest in P.Vx virtual event series explores the future of hybrid events Hybrid events “are the way of the future” said Kelly Power, SVP Proof Experiences, who hosted “Getting Hybrid Events Right” – the first virtual session of 2021 in the ongoing Proof Experiences P.Vx Live series. With a “transitional year ahead” she […]

Engaging Events that Deliver for Both the Virtual & In-Person Participant We all miss meeting people in-person at live conferences and events. But before we can get back to “normal” (is normal ever coming back? that’s another blog topic!), the immediate future of events is “hybrid”. Hybrid events are a combination of both online virtual […]