Staffing Solutions

Welcome to Staffing Solutions at Proof Experiences, where we take our 20+ years of building brand experiences and apply the same rigor to your staffing needs – both in-person and online. In the shadow of a global health pandemic, it has become even more critical to ensure you work with a company whose reputation for executional excellence includes guaranteed quality control and the most up-to-date health and safety compliance in the industry.   

Our long-standing relationships with our roster of talent has led to high levels of trust and low turnoverAs we have adapted to this new working environment, our strong relationships with our Brand Ambassadors has helped to guarantee reliability, engagement and loyalty. Consumers are ready to engage with your brand with updated safety practices and our team has the know-how and the training to ensure quality and excellence when promoting brands to consumers in the COVID-19 reality 

Introducing: Virtual Brand Ambassadors!

Same great staff, new skills, new screen. In a world of social distancing, our professionally trained team of Brand Ambassadors are experts at educating your target audience virtually on your product or service. Click here to read how we have created a new way to educate your target audience virtually. 

The world has changed and our team of 1500+ target-right ambassadors from across the country, are trained and ready to represent your brand and engage safely with your consumers. From location & languages to certifications & specialized experience, let us support your live and virtual experiences today!