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The Proof Touch.

We believe in reimagining meaningful everyday moments that make a positive and lasting ​impact on people’s lives and drive results.

Our team of specialists, backed by years of research and experience, understand how to change consumer behaviour in your industry. Using innovative measurement tools and analytics, we ensure we’re delivering your industry-specific success metrics.


See what we can do for you.

A family of 4 sitting in a camp fire setting roasting giant fake marshmellows
Mercedez-Benz Ice Garage
A young person in a denim jacket standing near a sign outdoors
Brand Ambassadors at the Ferrero Rocher activation
a black car with a red lightening bolt sticking out the top
a group students sitting in a gym in front of a presenter
a group of young women smiling at a Juvederm booth
A group of people in an urban outdoor park
A mother with 2 small children interacting with a female Metro brand ambassador
a woman wearing headphones in front of a digital screen


Our memorable events keep members engaged, educated, and informed as they navigate new and evolving professional landscapes.


From test drives to lead generation, our out-of-the-box ideas connect you to your audiences.


From developing one-of-a-kind school based financial literacy campaigns to creating innovative events that drive top of wallet results, our strategies change behaviour with audiences of all ages.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Take your marketing to the next level with our cutting-edge experiential campaigns that drive trial, sales, and brand awareness.


Inspire deeper fan loyalty and increase awareness of new shows with our creative and engaging premiers and launches.

Government & Regulated Industry

We educate and increase consumer awareness by delivering experiences that positively impact the way audiences connect with important topics.


We change consumer perception, and drive media impressions by producing memorable experiences.

Real Estate

Let us show you how our team of experts increase tenant and stakeholder engagement.


Drive measurable traffic and sales with eye-catching content, and engaging events.


Our technology specialists will drive acquisitions, usage, recruitment, and positively impact consumer and employee engagement.