Experiential Marketing

The closures and lockdowns of the past 15+ months forced the industry to reimagine an ‘experience’.

Whether it was virtual experiences, direct-to-home experiences, in-car experiences or a combination, marketers got creative. And it worked! 

The Future of Experiential Marketing

The great news is that experiential marketing – more than ever – allows your audience to experience your brand promise, anytime and anywhere, whether that’s a product trial experience or a multi-sensory, high-tech, interactive event. It’s effective because it’s active, not passive. It’s live or virtual. It’s often undefinable but always personal. It’s emotional and powerful. It’s memorable and honest. It drives conversion AND creates brand love.

“Research shows significant and growing pent up consumer demand for everything live” (IMI 2021 Global Recovery Report) 

As the industry kicks back into high gear, many traditional forms of experiential marketing are being re-defined to ensure experiences are engaging AND safe – from face-to-face experiences with Brand Ambassadors, food sampling and large scale in-person events such as festivals and trade-shows.  When creating branded experiences to engage with your audience, Proof Experiences puts safety at the forefront of the experience – everything from food safety certified staff to “pandemic onsite protocol” certified staff and following public health guidelines.   

Let us show you how to build your next live or hybrid experiential marketing campaign! 

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