Metro Retro Drive-Ins.

Experiential Marketing

Grow loyalty and commitment to the Metro brand and local community stores.
Deliver safe and memorable events during COVID to promote Metro as THE community grocer.
A drive-in movie experience in Metro parking lots across Ontario.
6,500+ attendees, over $18,000 raised for charities, 67.7M+ media impressions.


Overcoming the Challenge

In the wake of COVID, Metro was looking to grow customer loyalty and further position themselves as the go-to community grocer.

A family sitting in the back of an opened SUV trunk


A Unique Way of Approaching The Problem

Going to a drive-in movie is typically a fun novelty experience, enjoyed by families for generations. The “Metro Retro” name and branding needed to be more than just a free movie. It needed to not only bring Ontario communities together, but also give back to those communities.

Someone using a tap to donate activation


The Proof Touch

Signing on as the Presenting Sponsor, Interac spearheaded the unique “InLife Marketplace,” an outdoor market that spotlighted unique, locally sourced, and diverse small businesses. Metro and Interac teamed up to support local charities with “tap and donate” kiosks where movie goers could reach out the window of their car and donate $5-$20 to a local charity using Interac debit contactless payment.


Project Impact

Selling out Metro Retro Drive-In nights at all 20 locations, over 65,000 Ontarians attended the event. More than 80 small businesses benefited, resulting in over $18,000 raised for local charities.


Media Impressions


Increase in Brand Awareness

This project was no small feat.

Our team provided the following services:

  • Event Production
  • Mobile Tour Logistics
  • Creative Services
  • Vendor and Production Management
  • Sponsorship Strategy & Sales
  • Sponsor Management & Activation
  • Video Production
  • Measurement
  • Brand Ambassador Recruiting & Training

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